Adding Technical Details

Technical data can be stored for the servers and websites that you add to HOASTI.  This includes:


  • Control Panel information
  • DNS information
  • FTP Account details
  • Database Account details
  • CMS Account details (websites only)
  • General Information

There are two types of notes in the technical details area:

  1. Simple note field (used for Control Panel info., DNS info., and General notes).
  2. Multiple account listings (used for FTP info., Database info., and CMS info. areas)

The former doesn’t really require any explanation – just enter the data and save!  For account listings, you are able to add multiple FTP/Database or CMS accounts to a server or website.  To add an account, click on the relevant tab (the FTP tab was selected in this example, but the process is the same for any of the tabs you select):


The FTP Info panel will show in red and the panel on the right will be cleared, allowing you to enter a new FTP account:


Once you have entered your data, click the “Save FTP Details” button and your new account will be added to the list:


you can add as many FTP accounts to your website or server as you wish.

To edit an account, simply click on it and the details will appear in the right pane with the option to save:


As you can see, whilst in edit mode, you also have the option to delete an account, or you can add another new account by clicking on the plus button at the top of the listing: