Adding Costs/Charges

Costs or charges (for example hosting fees you charge to your clients) can be stored for the servers and websites that you add to HOASTI.  These charges will be used to calculate the figures that appear on the Billing page.

As an example, let’s say you have a server that you purchased from a provider that you host your clients’ websites on.  The provider charges you an annual amount for that server, so you want to add that to your server details.  Firstly, under the main server details panel, there is an option to add a billing start date (which will be the date the provider started billing you for the loan of the server).  There is also an option to add the date that the next bill is due (HOASTI will remind you 7 days prior):


Then, to add costs, scroll down to the “Server Costs” area, expand that section if it’s not already expanded, and enter the amount that you are charged by the provider and the billing cycle (annually, monthly, etc.) and save it:


The cost will appear in the listing with the date that it applies (if you entered an incorrect amount, simply edit it at any time by clicking on the entry in the list).  If the cost changes, but you still want HOASTI to hold the data for the previous period, simply add the new cost using the plus button at the top of the listing.

Adding Website Charges

Adding charges for websites is almost identical to the process for adding costs to servers, above.  The reminder for bill due dates is 30 days prior to the due date however, to give you time to invoice your client.