What’s New?


January 19th, 2017

  • New option to store IPv6 addresses.
  • Remember user settings/state changes, including:
    • Tab you were on (server and website edit pages).
    • The position of collapsible parts of the site.
  • The first item is selected by default when viewing server or website costs/charges, FTP, Database or CMS account lists. Styling to these areas improved.
  • Made the top navigation “sticky” to ensure it stays at the top of the browser despite scrolling.

December 16th, 2016

  • Improved search accuracy when more than one search term is entered.
  • Improved error handling.

October 27th, 2016

  • Added links from Dashboard items to the relevant server, client or website.

September 15th, 2016

  • Users now stay logged in until they close the browser window, rather than timing out the session after an elapsed amount of time.
  • Fixed bug where navigation bar was disappearing for low-privileged users.

August 6th, 2016

  • Allow account holders to add users to their account and set the access levels of those users (e.g. unable to see billing information).
  • Option to set servers as owned/managed by the client and provide option to filter server types on server list when different ones are entered.

July 10th, 2016

  • NEW search function – live search – search results appear as you type. (Searches provided for clients, websites and servers on computers and tablets and clients and websites on phones.)

May 14th, 2016

  • Bug fix – the date-picker in HOASTI wasn’t displaying properly in Firefox. This has been fixed.
  • Better navigation – The “Support” tab now features a drop down menu. Users can select “Report Issues” or “Suggest Improvements”.

April 30th, 2016

  • Changed mail system to use SMTP server to fix issues where emails were not getting through on Gmail.
  • Fixed issue with blank pages after login.