HOASTI helps you run a better business. It’s designed to make your life that much easier: no more spreadsheets, no more trying to find key data when a client calls, no more missing key dates, no more estimating your costs or working out your profit margins.

HOASTI takes the hassle out of running an efficient web hosting service for your clients, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Why not sign up for free and see for yourself!

  • Intuitive and easy to use:

    • Add your server, client and website information, and you’re good to go.
    • Add as many servers, clients and websites as you need – there’s no limit.
    • Edit and amend your data quickly and easily.
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  • Save time and money:

    • Easily check your costs and profit margins by server or client.
    • Notifications ensure you never miss a domain renewal, bill or invoice again.
    • Bin those fiddly spreadsheets!
  • Store and manage key data:

    • One secure place for website, server, ftp, database and email information.
    • Add, edit and amend your data quickly and easily.
    • Track income, expenditure and profits.
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  • Cost-effective and efficient:

    • Key data at your fingertips.
    • Per website cost decreases the more websites you manage.
    • Streamline your processes and make your business work for you.