• HOASTI is currently in BETA, so if you have any issues please report them here so we can investigate. Thanks for your help!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use HOASTI?

    HOASTI is very simple to use:

    1. Sign up for your free account here.
    2. Authenticate your email address from the sign up email we send you.
    3. Import your data manually or use our handy import file tool which enables you to import all your data via a drag and drop system.
    4. If you wish to add your data manually, please follow the order server-client-website to ensure that the data enters HOASTI correctly.
    5. If you wish to use our data import tool, simply save your data as a .csv file, select the “tools” icon in the menu bar, and select “spreadsheet import” in the menu. Using the “Choose import file” button, import your spreadsheet and simply drag and drop your data onto the relevant HOASTI field names. You can download a demo spreadsheet here.
    6. If you wish to delete your data, there is this option in the Tools menu.

    If you have any questions, please contact us here.

    Do you have setup fees or contracts?

    There are no setup fees or contracts to use HOASTI.

    How much does it cost?

    HOASTI is currently in beta which means you may experience some minor problems or glitches. Therefore, HOASTI is available free of charge for the duration of beta testing (and we will provide free plan options thereafter). We will use reasonable efforts to notify beta users when we plan to end the beta phase, and we will provide beta users the opportunity to cancel their accounts prior to the end of beta testing. Beta users who do not cancel their accounts before the end of beta phase will have their accounts automatically converted to regular user accounts for the final release of the HOASTI web app.

    Once live, should we decide to introduce charges for premium HOASTI accounts, we will advise and publish these in advance, allowing users the opportunity to switch plans or cancel their accounts and move any data prior to the changes taking place.

  • How secure is my data?

    We know that the security of your data is essential, and we have built HOASTI to meet the highest industry standards. We use secure encryption algorhythms and SSL, and an encrypted payment gateway for payments. We do not store your password information, nor your credit and debit card details. If you have any security concerns, please email us at

    How many users can I add?

    The initial subscriber to HOASTI is automatically logged on the HOASTI system as an Administrator, with full access to all features including billing information. Additional users can be added by the Administrator, with access to either all data or technical-only data according to need. There is no limit to the number of users you can add.

    How do I enter my server, client and website data?

    Simply fill in the form fields in the menu order: add a server and its associated technical and financial information via the Servers menu item,then add the clients and websites associated with that server via the Clients menu item.

    What financial reporting does HOASTI provide?

    Once you have entered your relevant financial information (eg: server costs, hosting charges), HOASTI automatically calculates the profitability of your hosting business, so that you can see at a glance whether you should be charging more for your services.