To view billing information, click on the “Billing” option on the top menu bar.  You will see that you have options to select a date period and then click on a “Get Report” button to view all the costs incurred and revenue received for that period.



By default, all information for all servers will be shown, but you can individually show or hide the information for a particular server by clicking (or tapping) on the server you wish to show or hide.  Any server(s) selected will be highlighted in black with an active eye icon, whereas unselected server(s) will show in grey with an eye icon with a line through it.



In order for data to appear on the Billing page, you will need to have added charges to the websites (Website Hosting Fees area) and costs for the servers (Server Costs area) that you manage.  See the “Adding Costs/Charges” help section, right, for how to do this.